The Year-End Dash for Charitable Giving!

Happy black couple walkd down the street arm in arm holding shopping bags.

As the year draws to a close, people are making that last dash to send a charitable donation before the year-end to make the most of their tax credit and support a worthy cause. If it’s the first time you’re making a charitable donation, especially a significant amount, with approximately 86,000 charities to choose from…

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Giving Back with Interest

Ed and Sandra

Ed and Sandra have a different outlook than most when it comes to investing. Several years ago, they created their own ‘Generosity Index’, investing in charities that help people realize their potential. “We have a diversified portfolio of giving. We like to give to a bunch of different things to ensure a good return on…

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Organize Your Charitable Giving This New Year

organize charitable giving

Everyone knows the hard part of making New Year’s resolutions is sticking to them. Whether you want to exercise more, learn a new skill, or be more generous, achieving your goals requires a plan for success. A Generosity Plan™ at Abundance Canada can help you organize your charitable giving and set you up for generosity…

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Simple, Joyful Giving

joyful giving

It brings people joy to take part in a holiday tradition of supporting others, and the variety of opportunities for charitable giving this time of year makes being generous both simple and convenient. It’s not surprising that Canadian charities receive most of their annual donations in the last six weeks of the calendar year. However,…

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Passion for Giving, Passed Down Through Generations

Alain and Emily

For Alain Reimer, learning to be generous started when he was a child. “We were taught that giving was just a part of life,” he says of what his parents told their children. On Sundays, when the family attended church, he remembers being given money to put in the Sunday school offering. “If we had…

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Christmas in July

It Wasn’t Always About Advertising For the past 70 years, North American advertisers have used the concept of “Christmas in July” to sell everything from overstocked holiday supplies to furniture and automobiles. But, did you know that this advertising trope has origins in a late 1930s and early 1940s charity campaign? It gained national attention…

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5 Benefits of Planning Your Charitable Giving Now

Don’t wait until the last minute to donate to charity. Here are five great reasons to start planning your giving now: Planning early in the year means you’ll have greater opportunity to give. Instead of last-minute giving, donating early in the year makes it easier for charities to plan their work. People who plan and budget their…

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Plant a Giving Tree!

A young couple plants a honeycrisp tree and dreams of their children swinging from its branches.  A family plants a backyard crabapple looking forward to jars of jelly.  A retired couple landscapes the lawn of their third home with a stand of Goodland saplings. They all know they’ll have to wait several years before they…

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