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A More Wonderful World

Three women celebrating generosity

Summer is a time to relax and play! Whether we’re visiting a far-off place, heading out to the lake, or just spending some time in our own back yard, summer affords us the time to pause and be grateful for this wonderful world we live in. Time to Appreciate What We Have The beauty of…

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Dream Big…And Then What?

Couple excited about their dream

Is It Enough to Dream Big? The night before bone cancer took his right leg, Terry Fox lay in a hospital bed reading a magazine article about an amputee running the New York Marathon. That night, he dreamed of running across Canada and beating cancer forever. And what a dream it was. Thanks to Terry’s…

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How to Make a Bigger Impact

farmer with corn

There was a farmer who grew excellent quality corn. Every year, he won the award for the best grown corn. One year, a newspaper reporter interviewed him and learned something interesting about his growing practices. The reporter discovered that the farmer shared his seed corn with his neighbours. “How can you afford to share your…

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Landscaping Your Generosity

chestnut tree

The light streaming through a crack in the shades woke me earlier than I would have liked. I padded downstairs and brewed some coffee. The bright sun was already heating the house, so I took my cup to the backyard in search of some shade and a bit of breeze. The best I could find…

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Generosity Influencers

Poloroids of influencers

These days, it’s hard to buy anything without thinking about the influencer that probably sold it to you. Maybe it was a movie star advocating the best skin care, or an athlete endorsing new running shoes. Savvy marketers know that people are way more likely to purchase their product if they hear it recommended by…

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Rediscovering the Joy of Living Generously

Family celebrates joy of birthday

Going Deeper Than Decluttering When I was a teenager, millionaire Malcom Forbes quipped “he who dies with the most toys wins” and it quickly became a popular bumper sticker and T-shirt slogan. Nowadays, the saying is more likely to be used as an ironic meme, but we continue to put an enormous amount of time…

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The Freedom of Flexible Philanthropy

Smiling consultant with clients

Donor-Advised Gifting Funds When a healthy tax refund and an inheritance left Bert and Sue Johnson* with extra money in their chequing account, they wanted to use it to do some good in the world. They were excited about giving to charity, but they were so busy they didn’t immediately have the time to decide how and where…

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Generosity Strategies for the Self-Employed

female business partners

Sisters and business partners, Janice and Jenn Nelson* run a small but thriving real-estate agency they built up over years of hard work. From the time they were young, they both valued giving to charity. However, being in the real-estate sector, their income was tied to the fluctuating market conditions, so they settled on giving…

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When giving requires sacrifice

Man looking at receipt

Giving requires sacrifice. When you give something away, you have less than you had before you gave. If you give time to others, you will have less time for personal hobbies. If you give your abilities in service to others, you will have less energy to use these same skills for your own pleasure. If…

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Lifestyles of the Kind and Generous

Couple with tablet

Opportunities for spontaneous generosity pop up all the time. Your doorbell rings and a canvasser for Heart & Stroke is on the stoop. “Would you consider giving a minimum $10 to research,” she asks. The cashier at the grocery store asks whether you’d like to add two dollars to your bill to support the local…

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