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Start Building Your Legacy Today

Big family

Within the charitable sector, there is an understanding that legacy is all about what you do with your money after you die. However, I think that definition can leave out an important part of the story. Legacy is more than just a gift from your estate – it is built up over a lifetime of…

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It Pays to Give

WP Cover 7.04

Originally published in Wealth Professional Canada. Issue 7.04, April 2019. An interview with gift planning consultants Sherri Grosz and Brad Friesen on donating publicly traded securities as a smart way to give to your charity of choice.

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Leaving a Legacy: Some Practical Advice

Women reading together

In the charity world, we talk a lot about legacy. In fact, May is legacy month! But, what does legacy mean and what does it look like to leave one that is meaningful? Here is some practical advice on creating your legacy and what it might look like for you. Legacy by Definition has…

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The Business of Being Generous

Hands giving props

The business world is often described as a battle ground. Competitors are to be crushed and customers are to be won over. The bottom-line rules. Companies may strategically give away products and skills. Yet, the root goal is brand awareness or making useful relationships. Is this what generosity looks like in the business world? Doug…

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“No Problem”: A New Level of Generosity

Fresh bread

It was a cold morning. Sleet, slush, grey – you get it. Yet, my husband and I have a standing Saturday ‘date’. We walk the short distance from our house into town. Once there, we divide the list of errands, then meet back at Starbucks for coffee. And well the weather wasn’t encouraging, we decided…

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Seasons of Generosity

Bob and Anita

As in life, there are different seasons of generosity. Certainly, the amount of time, money, and energy we can give will vary depending on the season. “We are called to give whichever one [time, money, energy] we have in abundance,” explains Bob Tiessen, a life-long practitioner of generous giving. With careful planning, we can ensure…

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Giving Out Loud

Father and daughter with ipad

You may not feel like it, but when you live generously, you are an influencer. Perhaps not a 2M YouTube viewers influencer, but your donations model your values, and people are watching: Co-workers, friends, family – not least of whom are children and young people. When they see you give to charity, and know that…

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A Radical Financial Plan

Senior Couple

A Net Zero Budget A few years ago, retired teachers Doug and Karen, created a radical new financial plan. They were in their seventies and their idea was just a little reckless. “We said to each other, ‘Let’s say we live another 20 years – wouldn’t it be nice if we ran out of money…

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Sometimes Trust is a Green Garbage Bag

Girl holding garbage bag

An Unexpected Lesson in Trust and Giving Lori Reesor knows that trust is a key component in donation decisions. While completing her doctorate thesis on Christian giving, she spent many hours sitting on a variety of plastic stacking chairs in a multitude of church basements exploring this connection. Her research process was the same in…

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