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The Key to Hosting a Good Holiday Party

holiday party

Growing up, hospitality was very important to Gordon Baergen’s family. His father was a Mennonite minister, so they often had visiting missionaries stay with them and people from the church stop by unannounced. “Our home was always open to whoever wanted to come,” remembers Gordon, “Back then, generosity … was giving what we had ……

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November Newsletter

Generosity in Action This month, we share more stories of clients living out their generosity. We believe that generosity matters, so let’s look at how we can increase its impact to support the causes we love. Read the November Generosity Matters newsletter >

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Upsize Your Giving: 5 Ways You Can Make a Bigger Impact

Upsize your giving

Anna* was ready to downsize a lot of things in her life. At 75 years old and widowed, she knew she was better off making changes while she could still manage everything. After some careful planning, she began scaling back her house, her vehicle, and even her extensive volunteer commitments. Meanwhile, her charitable giving happened…

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The Business of Generous Giving

Steve Brandt

As a young entrepreneur, Steve Brandt didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about how he could be generous. He had grown up in a Christian home and during that time had seen his parents give faithfully to their local church and to those in need. However, starting a livestock transportation business from scratch took…

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Random Acts of Generosity

Sherlock Friesen

Sherlock Friesen is a long-time Abundance Canada client. He follows a well-thought out Generosity Plan™ that includes making regular charitable donations from his Gifting Fund™. This methodical approach to charitable giving suits his analytical nature. He’s the first to admit that he rarely added an additional dollar to his grocery bill at the checkout nor…

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Starting the Conversation


Advice on how to talk about your will and values with your children Part One of a Two-Part series It is time to update our wills. When we last made them our kids were in junior high and elementary school; now, they both have University degrees and their own careers. But our kids aren’t the…

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A Generous Dream Come True

Mature Couple

Edward and Felicity Jones’* life together had settled into a happy rhythm. Their day-to-day needs were simple, and thanks to sensible planning, their retirement income comfortably covered all the essentials. Many of their retired friends were seizing the opportunity to travel or purchase the car or home they had long dreamed of owning, but Edward…

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Living to Make the World Better


Ever since she was a little girl, Christine desired to make the world better. She wanted her life to have a place in the world. One that allowed her to give back. Christine grew up in Abbotsford, where she was deeply affected by her father’s tragic tales of his journey as a refugee from war-torn…

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Give More with Gifts of Securities

Donating securities

Did you know cash donations aren’t the only way you can support your favourite charity? There might be a more tax effective way to give. Individual and corporations that donate publicly traded securities in-kind avoid paying the capital gains tax. Publicly traded securities are stocks, bonds, mutual funds and ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) listed on…

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Generosity from Generation to Generation

Generous Millennials

Canadians are generous givers – the third most generous in the world when charitable giving is expressed as a percentage of GDP[1]. However, the face of charitable giving in Canada is changing. According to the latest report[2], in 2014 approximately 30% fewer tax-filers claimed charitable donations compared to the highest year on record (1990). At…

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