Find answers below to some of the most commonly asked questions. If you have a different question please don't hesitate to contact us.

What are the benefits of working with Abundance Canada?
  • We have extensive experience facilitating all types of donations (Publicly traded securities, private company shares, life insurance, cash gifts, charitable bequests, registered accounts, etc.).
  • We can help you identify the most tax efficient way to donate.
  • You can create and implement a customized Generosity Plan™ to achieve your philanthropic goals during your lifetime and beyond.
  • You can donate now to receive an immediate tax benefit and recommend how this donation should be disbursed to charity over time.
  • Distributions to your recommended charities can be done anonymously.
  • Donated capital can be invested in one of our socially screened investment options.
  • You can recommend the disbursement of donated capital, earnings from the donated capital or a combination of both to your favourite charities.
What is a Generosity Plan™?

A Generosity Plan with Abundance Canada is a unique roadmap for how you want to achieve your philanthropic goals. It maps out strategic options for your giving today, tomorrow, and well into the future, while leaving enough flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances and explore new opportunities along the way.

How will Abundance Canada help me support the causes I care about?

Abundance Canada is a donor-advised foundation, which means you can recommend which charities you want to support, how much support they should receive and over what time period.

What is a Gifting Fund™?

A Gifting Fund is an integral piece of your Generosity Plan at Abundance Canada. Your donations are added to a Gifting Fund. Abundance Canada manages your Gifting Fund to achieve the goals outlined in your Generosity Plan. You will receive an annual statement from Abundance Canada showing all the Gifting Fund activities (contributions, distributions to charity, earnings and current Gifting Fund balance).

Who can use Abundance Canada’s Gift Planning Services?

Anyone who wants to be generous with their financial resources.  

Which charities can I support through Abundance Canada?

Abundance Canada is able to disburse funds to any registered Canadian charity or qualified donee as defined by the Income Tax Act of Canada.

Is there a minimum disbursement amount?

Yes. Abundance Canada has a minimum distribution amount per charity/qualified donee of $100.

How does Abundance Canada cover its costs?

Abundance Canada offers many of its services at no charge; however, without operating revenue (margin) we could not accomplish our mission of helping people live generously with their financial resources. Our work is supported by three revenue sources:

  • A portion of the earnings from investments under management;
  • Donations designated to support the work of Abundance Canada;
  • Retaining a portion of donations that will be disbursed within one year.