Organize Your Charitable Giving This New Year

organize charitable giving

Everyone knows the hard part of making New Year’s resolutions is sticking to them. Whether you want to exercise more, learn a new skill, or be more generous, achieving your goals requires a plan for success. A Generosity Plan™ at Abundance Canada can help you organize your charitable giving and set you up for generosity that lasts throughout your life and beyond.

Create A Generosity Plan

Putting charitable giving plans in motion is exciting, and it begins with thinking through your values and philanthropic goals. An Abundance Canada gift planning consultant can help you consider your giving goals and explore your assets, then leverage that knowledge to create a customized Generosity Plan for your current and future charitable giving. This approach ensures your charitable giving is the right fit for you, making it much more likely that you’ll stick to your resolution.

Establish A Gifting Fund™

A Gifting Fund is an integral part of a successful Generosity Plan because it allows you to consolidate and manage your charitable giving. Once you’ve established a Gifting Fund at Abundance Canada, you will receive a charitable receipt for any donations you make to the fund.

You then have the option to recommend the registered Canadian charities you wish to support, over what time frame they should receive that support, how much support they should receive and whether you would like the charity to know the support comes from you (you have the option to remain anonymous).

All this flexibility is built into your Generosity Plan. You don’t even have to decide immediately which charities you want to support; the balance that remains in your Gifting Fund can be invested, potentially growing the amount available to distribute to the charities close to your heart. When you have money already set aside to distribute to charity, giving generously is easy and feels great.

Start Your Happy New Year with Generosity

We believe in a world where everyone lives generously, and charitable giving is an exciting way to start the New Year! Creating a Generosity Plan, with its flexibility, simplicity and cost-effectiveness, can help you go from making a New Year’s resolution to becoming a more confident, consistent philanthropist.

Are you ready to organize your charitable giving this New Year and beyond?

Contributed by Marlow Gingerich
Gift Planning Consultant

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