For Professional Advisors

Generosity Plan™: Strategic charitable giving for your clients

As a professional advisor, you know the importance of planning to help your clients achieve their goals. Plans help clients focus on what they want to accomplish and why; how they’re going to get there; and, what markers need to be created to make sure they stay on the right track.

If your clients are philanthropic, they may want to incorporate generosity into their overall planning.

Abundance Canada works with you and your clients to create and implement a customized Generosity Plan™ to achieve their philanthropic goals. It maps out the best strategic options for giving today and well into the future, while leaving enough flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances and explore new opportunities along the way.

The Benefits of an Abundance Canada Donor Advised Generosity Plan

  • Many ways to donate
    • Abundance Canada has significant experience with all gift planning options.
    • The type of asset and the timing of the donation allows your client to be strategic and tax efficient.
  • Donated capital can be distributed, no requirement to lock-in funds.
    • Allows your client to match the donation receipt with a taxable event and defer making distribution decisions
    • Provide sustainable support for charity over an extended period
    • Accumulate a balance for a future project
    • Funds can be donated now for a future capital campaign
  • Donor Advised
    • The donor provides recommendations to Abundance Canada
      • Which charities should receive support
      • How much support each charity should receive
      • Over what time period should they receive that support
      • Should the charity be notified of the source of the support
        • Distributions to charity can be made anonymously
  • Incorporate other people (friends and family)
    • Multi-generational
    • Alternative to a Private Foundation

Contact Abundance Canada if you have clients who might benefit from developing and implementing a Generosity Plan with Abundance Canada.