Support Your Favourite Causes

A Flexible Generosity Plan™

Your Generosity Plan™ is extremely flexible; it can be modified at any time and can support any registered Canadian charity or qualified donee.

You simply provide us with recommendations on which charities or qualified donees you want to support, how much support they should receive, and over what time period.

A Fun Solution for the Whole Family

Depending on your philanthropic goals and the Generosity Plan you design, you can invite your family to participate in creating a family legacy of generosity.

They can support your Generosity Plan with donations at any time.

Inviting family to help make recommendations on which causes should receive support is a great way to introduce your kids or grandkids to charitable giving. A Generosity Plan is a fun way for all family members to participate in giving together.

Donate Now, Distribute Later

The flexibility of your Generosity Plan allows you to donate today, when you need the charitable receipt, and defer the distribution of that donation until a later date.

You may need time to research charitable causes that align with your values or, due to a busy schedule, you may want to wait and consider your options before making a decision about distribution timelines. With Abundance Canada there’s no rush … you can advise us to distribute to charity immediately, stagger your gift over a period of time or have your donation go to causes after you have died.

Whatever you decide, Abundance Canada can incorporate that flexibility into your Generosity Plan. The minimum distribution to a charity is $100.

Anonymous Philanthropy

You may wish to have your charitable distributions remain anonymous. Your Generosity Plan makes it easy for you to support the causes you care about while keeping your identity private.

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