Your Generosity Plan

Fulfilling your Philanthropic Goals

A Generosity Plan™ with Abundance Canada is a unique roadmap for how you want to achieve your philanthropic goals. Your unique Generosity Plan maps out the best strategic options for giving today, tomorrow, and well into the future, while giving you the flexibility to adapt to your changing circumstances and explore new opportunities along the way.

generosity plan

Designing your Generosity Plan

Designing your Generosity Plan begins by meeting with an Abundance Canada gift planning consultant. They will get to know you and ask questions that help determine the unique pieces of your customized Generosity Plan.

There are three components to your Generosity Plan:

  1. Determine which gifting options work best to fund your Generosity Plan
  1. Abundance Canada will manage your Generosity Plan
    • Investment management options are available for a long-term Generosity Plan
    • You will receive an annual statement showing all activity in your Generosity Plan
    • All donations managed by Abundance Canada are guided by our responsible investment criteria
  1. Support the causes you care about with your Generosity Plan.
    • You recommend which charities should receive support, how much they should receive and over what time period
    • You can choose to involve your children and other family members in your Generosity Plan, similar to a family foundation
    • Option to remain anonymous to the recipient charity
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A Generosity Plan at Abundance Canada simplifies the entire process of charitable giving (donate, manage, distribute), so you can focus on what matters most: the joy of living generously.

If you have any questions, call 1.800.772.3257  to speak with a Gift Planning Consultant or connect with us.