Living Life Generously

Sally was afraid it would be too complicated for her corporation to donate publicly traded securities until a Generosity Plan™ made charitable giving tax efficient and easy.

No Fear – Just Philanthropy

Sally* is the sole shareholder of a holding company with an investment portfolio of publicly...
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I grew up with five siblings in a small Saskatchewan farming community. People worked hard,...
January 2021 E-News

January 2021 Newsletter

In our first e-news of 2021, we offer you inspiring examples of the different ways...
December 2020 Newsletter

December 2020 Newsletter

Christmas greetings with a special message from Darren Pries-Klassen, CEO. Read here:
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Planning for a Generous New Year

Michael and Shalen* had weathered the economic shifts and shutdowns of 2020 relatively well, but...
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Dreams of Generosity

Melanie* worked hard running a successful business. And “run” was absolutely the right word to...