Living Life Generously

December 2020 Newsletter

December 2020 Newsletter

Christmas greetings with a special message from Darren Pries-Klassen, CEO. Read here:
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Planning for a Generous New Year

Michael and Shalen* had weathered the economic shifts and shutdowns of 2020 relatively well, but...
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Dreams of Generosity

Melanie* worked hard running a successful business. And “run” was absolutely the right word to...
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United by the Joy of Giving

In his book, The Genius of Generosity, pastor and author Chip Ingram tells the story of...
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A New Holiday Tradition

Christmas is just around the corner and there are still lots of opportunities to practice...
November 2020 Newsletter

November 2020 Newsletter

We have entered the eighth month of this pandemic, and it’s no wonder we are all starting to...