Increase Your Social Impact with Values Driven Generosity

We all want to make a greater social impact. Values-driven donors Alain and Emily’s Abundance Canada Generosity Plan™ makes supporting their favourite charities easy and increases their social impact.

Unlike some financial decisions, giving to charity has always been deeply rooted in personal values. You support organizations that impact the people and places you care about, from wildlife protection to education to international relief and many causes in between. With more than 85,000 registered charities in Canada, generous people have a lot of opportunity to find the organizations that best reflect their values.

“We want to live in such a way that our kids see us worrying more about others than ourselves,” says Alain. Click To Tweet

Generosity that Reflects Your Values

Abundance Canada clients Alain and Emily created an Abundance Canada Generosity Plan™ as a practical way to live out their values. “We want to live in such a way that our kids see us worrying more about others than ourselves,” says Alain.

Each month, they make monthly donations to their Abundance Canada Gifting Fund™, where the funds are pooled and invested, and a percentage of earnings are added to their fund annually. Alain and Emily’s Generosity Plan™ makes supporting their favourite charities easy, and thanks to Abundance Canada’s responsible investment policy, it also helps to increase their social impact.

Responsible Investing Increases Social Impact

Responsible investing seeks to consider not only the financial return, but also environmental, social, and governance factors in investment decisions. According to the Responsible Investment Association’s 2020 Trends Report, responsible investments account for 61.8% of all assets invested in Canada[1]. Abundance Canada’s responsible investment policy is aligned with the foundation’s Guiding Principles and values, such as respecting the dignity of all people, supporting world peace, building healthy communities, and adhering to honest, compassionate and responsible management practices. Creating a Generosity Plan™ includes a discussion of the policy and each individual’s philanthropic goals; responsible investing may be a key factor in creating and implementing a Generosity Plan™ that fits you best.

Emily and Alain take comfort in knowing that donations to their Gifting Fund™ are being responsibly managed and invested in areas that align with their values.

Is your charitable giving creating the social impact you want to see? Speak with a gift planning consultant to develop a Generosity Plan™ that reflects your values every step of the way.

Contributed by Barbara Chambers
Director of Communications


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