March Newsletter

Generosity Matters

Spring Forward Your Giving Spring has just arrived. That means it’s time to tackle those jobs around the house we often put off. Cleaning out the garage. Painting the living room. Organizing the digital photos we’ve taken over the last few years. But here is one task that might not be on your list, and…

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Spring Forward Your Giving

Spring Clock

Despite our very snowy and cold weather of late, turning my clock forward on Saturday was a nice reminder that Spring is actually on the way. That means it’s almost time to tackle those jobs around the house I often put off. Cleaning out the garage. Painting the living room. Organizing the digital photos we’ve…

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February Newsletter

Generosity Matters

Loving Your Neighbour Love can look like many things, but our storytellers this month are focusing on what it means to love your neighbour. From going on international humanitarian trips, to supplying basic needs to the poor at home, or setting aside funds from your paycheque, loving others is at the heart of generosity. Yet, this is…

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Donating Securities to Charity

Blog Image

Why donate publicly traded securities to charity? Historically, donations to charities have been in the form of cash (cheque, e-transfer or credit card). However, as people discover the benefits of donating publicly traded securities (stocks, bonds or mutual funds), these in-kind gifts are gaining prominence as a tax effective way to donate versus cash gifts.…

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Passion for Giving, Passed Down Through Generations

Alain and Emily

For Alain Reimer, learning to be generous started when he was a child. “We were taught that giving was just a part of life,” he says of what his parents told their children. On Sundays, when the family attended church, he remembers being given money to put in the Sunday school offering. “If we had…

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Sometimes Love is Half a Sandwich

Sometimes Love is half a sandwich image

I never would have thought it, but one of the best lessons of love I ever learned was taught by a man with half a sandwich. More than thirty years ago, I spent a few summers on a construction crew. The work was hard, and the days were long. The pay was okay, but like…

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Generations of Giving

Generations of Generosity Blog Image, Evelyn

Evelyn is an avid volunteer and gives to various charities. Most of her holidays are spent with teams of shoe box distributors: building water filters for homes, providing medical services in needy communities, and supporting agriculture projects (food always in the home). “After annually packing shoe boxes, I was curious about the distribution at the…

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January Newsletter

Generosity Matters Hero Image

A new year with new beginnings January blows in on the heels of the busy Christmas season, bringing with it new year’s resolutions and colder weather. It also provides us an opportunity to pause and reflect on our own goals and attitudes. Whether you are taking in the new year from the top of the…

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A Legacy of Love

Arthur and Beverly* were in love. It had taken years to understand the depth of their connection, but they had found it and cherished it. Then, tragedy struck. A story like theirs needs to be remembered and honoured. This is how their legacy continues. A Difficult Family Separation Neither Arthur nor Beverley could pinpoint a…

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