Generosity Brings Out Our Best

Don and Renata smile into the camera from their living room.

Don and Renata Hamagami are deeply grateful for the life they share. “We like to serve,” says Don. “It helps us to have more fun as a family knowing we’re trying to do something constructive.” This perspective has led them to make some unconventional lifestyle choices—like taking a humanitarian trip instead of a typical holiday, spending their spare time volunteering, or spending money in specific ways.

Generosity is Always in Style

Renata’s many thrift shop purchases are a great example. “I like nice things, but I just don’t have it in me to live lavishly,” laughs Renata.  “My wife saves in so many different ways, like going to the thrift store, shopping around, and working to get a good deal because those savings allow us to give more,” explains Don. “The kids, too. They like to have the brand name, but they’re content to save money and then give to a cause they care about.”

Starting Their Journey

The Hamagami’s generosity journey started with an initial decision to sponsor a child through an international organization. This donation led to a series of coincidences that helped in the realization of a larger return on generosity.

When Don discovered that his local church was visiting the same city where his sponsor child lived, he called the agency to see if they he could meet the child. At first, Don was told that there would be no way to connect. “But then the agency said it just so happens that they’ll be going down there.” To his surprise, the agency’s dates lined up with the church’s trip. “It also happened to be my sponsor child’s birthday,” he continues. “All these doors kept opening and opening and opening.” In the end, Don did meet his sponsor child.

This initial experience inspired giving. Today, they support a variety of organizations from inner-city charities that care for the marginalized, to those that look out for the needs of children, international justice, and outreach. “We feel very blessed financially and want to be able to share that,” explains Don. “Abundance Canada is a vehicle to help us take that even further.”

How to Increase Their Giving

“Abundance Canada made it so much easier,” says Renata. With the help of a gift planning consultant, the Hamagami’s can donate their appreciated publicly traded securities in-kind.

The Hamagami’s believe that their involvement with Abundance Canada was much more than a financial transaction. Don explains, “I think the organization, by facilitating generosity, helps to bring kindness and humanity out in people. They help bring out the best in people.”

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