Freedom to Take the Time to Decide

Making Decisions

From the time we are young, we are taught that decisions about money are not to be taken lightly. We need to take the time to decide where our hard-earned money is going to go. Whether it is saving up for a bike, car or home, life experience familiarizes us with the pillars of financial…

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Impacting Generations


For some, the high school years are the best of their lives, while for others they are a gauntlet to be endured. And yet, no matter what our high school experience is like, the lessons learned in those halls and classrooms often impact our lives long beyond graduation. Abundance Canada client Robert Konrad has stayed…

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Building a Foundation in Financial Literacy

By Darren Pries Klassen, CEO This week, children across the country are starting a new school year. Whether it is the first day of kindergarten or the last year of High School, every family approaches this new beginning with the sincere hope that these lessons are leading to a successful future. Financial literacy education, or…

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Unexpected Truth: Lessons from a Thai Refugee Camp


By Brad Friesen, Gift Planning Consultant Back in 1988, my wife and I chaperoned 17 high school students on a trip to visit refugee camps in Thailand. We thought the students would learn about missions and life outside of Canada. We had no idea the experience would change us forever. Our first stop in Thailand…

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Summer School: a lesson in generosity


One more lesson This month, we have been looking at how giving generously out of our resources is not an action reserved for adults. Daily, we see examples of youth stepping out in faith and living out their generosity. Yet, it is important for us to engage with them about this topic and why it’s…

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Life Lessons for (or is that from?) a New Generation

By Darren Pries-Klassen, CEO Abundance Canada Hope for the Future About two years ago, I had the privilege of speaking at the same conference as 10-year-old Manitoba activist Alliana Rempel. Inspired by reading “I am Malala”, this precocious pre-teen founded the charity ‘Battle the Bad with Beauty’ in support of children’s rights to education. About…

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A Simple Thank You!

By Marlow Gingerich, Gift Planning Consultant Time, Talent, and Treasure It seems Canadians are busier now then they ever have been, and finding balance is proving the holy grail quest of our age. Despite the competing demands of modern life, many continue to hold fast to the age-old exhortation to give freely of our “time,…

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A Summer of Opportunity

It’s a Long Summer Right about now, both parents and kids are realizing there’s a lot of time left before school is back in session. While the first few weeks of summer vacation were a blessed relief from the grind of school wake-ups and homework, many families are now facing the all-too-familiar refrain of ‘I’m…

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Christmas in July

Darren Pries-Klassen, CEO From the Corner Office It Wasn’t Always About Advertising For the past 70 years, North American advertisers have used the concept of “Christmas in July” to sell everything from overstocked holiday supplies to furniture and automobiles. But, did you know that this advertising trope has origins in a late 1930s and early…

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Maximum Impact

“I felt like I wanted my money to have maximum impact in the world, even when I’m not here anymore,” says Abundance Canada client Christine Kampen. Having lived a life led by her innate compassion for others and deep conviction of generosity, by her early thirties, Christine knew that she wanted to go the extra…

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