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Evelyn is an avid volunteer and gives to various charities. Most of her holidays are spent with teams of shoe box distributors: building water filters for homes, providing medical services in needy communities, and supporting agriculture projects (food always in the home).

“After annually packing shoe boxes, I was curious about the distribution at the destinations. So, I participated on teams in several countries. When you see young children excited about receiving a bar of soap it is humbling to think of our excesses and expectations,” says Evelyn.

She wanted to raise her three children to be generous adults. The family bookshelf included read-aloud stories of giving and sharing. The little plastic turntable spun records with fun songs encouraging kindness and generosity. The family attended church where the kids participated in Sunday school activities. But as a young mother with a real heart for giving, Evelyn wanted to do something more.

Helping Her Children Experience Giving

After choosing an international charity she trusted, Evelyn sponsored three children in the developing world who were approximately the same age as her own children. One in Korea, one in the Philippines, and one in Indonesia. Then, she introduced each of her children to their “brother or sister across the world”. She encouraged them to contribute in various small ways towards the monthly donations that would help these boys and girls get healthy food, education, and access to new opportunities. The kids would soon see generosity in action and have a chance to practice it themselves.

New Connections Through Giving

Over many years, Evelyn’s children developed a special connection to the boys and girls they were matched with. They waited eagerly for the charity’s regular updates and mailings, and kept in touch with their sponsor children when they could. Growing up “together” in this way, the world became a smaller place for Evelyn’s kids. They learned about life in other countries, gained an appreciation for growing up in Canada, and deepened their compassion for others. The whole family loved seeing the impact of their giving over the long term. Eventually, the sponsorship program concluded when all the children reached adulthood. But that’s not the end of the story.

Growing up “together” in this way, the world became a smaller place for Evelyn’s kids.

A New Generation of Giving

Evelyn is now helping to shape a new generation of generous givers. “I matched each of my grandchildren with kids their own age in Indonesia, Peru, and Armenia,” she explains. Like their parents, these kids will have the experience of helping a child to thrive. And Evelyn will be right there, giving with them every step of the way.

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