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Charitable Giving, Your Way!

A Flexible Gifting Fund is a unique Donor Advised Fund (DAF) that allows you to conveniently donate to charity from one location.

Abundance Canada can help you to connect your resources and values with your charitable goals, by creating a customizable generosity plan for every stage of your life. We can also facilitate anonymous donations to charity.

Your gifting fund is fully flexible! You can choose to give immediately, over time or continue to give after you’ve passed. You can also advise us when, where and how much you wish to distribute to your favourite charity or not-for-profit in Canada.

The minimum disbursement of funds to a charity is $100.

You will receive regular statements of your fund and a donation receipt will be issued in the year donations are made.

In 2018, on behalf of clients, Abundance Canada distributed $24.1 million to 1,277 charities in Canada. We also receipted donations in the amount of $27 million, of which $13.6 million were in-kind donations of publicly traded securities.


Benefits of a Flexible Gifting Fund

  • Abundance Canada can facilitate all your charitable giving
  • Minimal restrictions on your charitable fund
  • Receive regular statements on your donation activities
  • Simple record keeping; one donation receipt for all your donations
  • Distribution to charity can be made anonymously
  • All donations managed by Abundance Canada meet socially responsible investment guidelines

Speak with a Gift Planning Consultant

Whether you’re an individual, family or business, our goal is to support you with your generosity planning. With regional offices across Canada, we offer confidential free consultations, with no obligations. To learn more, connect with us today or call 1.800.772.3257 to arrange to meet with a Gift Planning Consultant in your area. 

Abundance Canada is a public foundation registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Abundance Canada is authorized to receive charitable donations, issue official donation receipts and distribute funds to registered charities in Canada through a donor-advised model we administer. Charity Registration No: 12925-3308-RR0001. 

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