Fight “COVID Fatigue” with Generosity

Back in March, the sudden arrival of COVID-19 brought out the best in us as people made grocery and pharmacy runs for elderly neighbours, lined up to clap for health care workers, and wrote messages of hope on windows and sidewalks.  Now we’re entering the eighth month of this pandemic, and it’s no wonder we are all starting to feel fatigued [1]. With…

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Walking a Mile in Their Shoes

Homeless Woman

A highly respected surgeon and physician specializing in women’s health, Dr. Annette Epp is no stranger to fundraising galas. She enjoys donating to a variety of causes, and her Generosity Plan™ with Abundance Canada allows her to fulfill her charitable goals in a strategic manner. However, Annette knows the importance of not just donating generously…

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Radical Generosity

Hugo Peters

There is a palpable sense of fun in Hugo Peters’ voice when he speaks about his unconventional retirement plan. He wants to give away all his money. Bit by bit, he is determined to donate as much as he can. Hugo likens this strategy to an old joke about a farmer who fell on hard…

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Simple Giving Near and Far

Walter and Rose

Closing the Distance: Gratitude, Joy, and Generosity during COVID-19 Simple Giving Near and Far Part Three in Series Read Part One and Part Two here to see how gratitude and generosity can help you cope in even the darkest of times. Generosity in Self-Isolation Abundance Canada clients Walter and Rose* usually spend their retirement travelling…

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Generosity in a Time of Social Distancing

Kid shares encouragement

Closing the Distance: Gratitude, Joy, and Generosity during COVID-19 Generosity in a Time of Social Distancing Part Two in Series In Part One, Abundance Canada client Patty Ollie’s story of how keeping a gratitude journal inspired hope in times of adversity. Across the country, churches have stopped meeting, school has been cancelled, and non-essential businesses…

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Gratitude in Hard Times

Woman journals

Closing the Distance: Gratitude, Joy, and Generosity during COVID-19 Gratitude in Hard Times (Part One in Series) The global pandemic has affected everything about our daily lives: the economy, work and school routines, leisure activities, and even toilet paper supplies. It’s easy to give in to fear and sadness when we’re inundated with daily news…

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A Generous Community

Generous Community

I have been lucky to be a part of several generous communities throughout my life, and they each practiced generosity in their own way. I’m not sure if it’s because of or despite their varying motivations and expressions, but the modelling I experienced in each taught me something new about the importance of giving. Reciprocal…

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Your 5 Favourite Blogs of 2019

top blogs

Our gift planning consultants and leadership team love sharing their stories and expertise with you. We hope you can take a moment to enjoy these posts again or discover something new as we share some of our most loved blogs from the past year. The count is in and the most read blogs of 2019…

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Pay It Forward: An Oldie But a Goodie

Paying it forward

It was the fall of 1992. Our 15-month old daughter’s cry echoed in the church basement. My wife and I did our best to comfort her, smiling as we greeted the men and women of the congregation. As I shook hand after hand I glanced at my daughter’s anxious face and thought to myself, ‘I…

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