Simple Giving Near and Far

Walter and Rose

Closing the Distance: Gratitude, Joy, and Generosity during COVID-19

Simple Giving Near and Far

Part Three in Series

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Generosity in Self-Isolation

Abundance Canada clients Walter and Rose* usually spend their retirement travelling and visiting family, but this year they have had to say an early goodbye to their winter retreat south of the border. As they returned home and entered the prescribed period of self-isolation, they still found much to be thankful for: a safe home, loving family, technology to stay connected, and the opportunity to continue being generous.

An Easy Gifting Solution

Walter and Rose love giving to the causes they care about, and they have always been known for saying ‘yes’ to the various charitable appeals and doorstep requests they receive throughout the year. When they first started to travel, they didn’t want to stop supporting the causes they cared about just because they were away, nor did they want to restrict their giving to just those charities they chose in advance. I helped them create a Generosity Plan™, which provided a roadmap to help Water and Rose more effectively reach their charitable goals. This included setting up a Gifting Fund™, so they could still give on the fly no matter where they were.

Before starting their travels each year, Walter and Rose make an annual contribution to their Gifting Fund and receive a charitable receipt for the donation. Keeping with their Generosity Plan, they provide recommendations for regular giving in advance, but reserve some of the funds for giving to various charitable requests that come up throughout the year. All they need is an internet connection to keep their generosity going. When they hear of a cause they’d like to support, they just send me an email with disbursement recommendations and Abundance Canada directs the funds to various registered Canadian charities in their name.

Walter and Rose’s Generosity Plan gives them the flexibility to give anytime, even in self-isolation.Click to Tweet

Spreading Joy While Flattening the Curve

That same flexibility that allowed them to give from anywhere in the world is now allowing them to practice generosity from isolation. They love how easy it is to donate to charity at this time, when so many people are in need. With their Generosity Plan in place, social distancing and self-isolation will not hinder Walter and Rose’s generosity. They are delighted to connect with others by sharing what they can, spreading hope and joy even as they do their part to ‘flatten the curve’.


Brad Friesen



Contributed by Brad Friesen
Gift Planning Consultant


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