A Family Tradition of Generosity (Part Two)

family gathering

In Part One, I shared the story of how Heather and Doug Leung wanted to start a tradition of charitable giving in their family. When they retired, they sold their restaurant business and developed a Generosity Plan™ with Abundance Canada. Giving Together Is a Fun Family Project Heather and Doug have always viewed their Abundance…

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Simple Giving Near and Far

Walter and Rose

Closing the Distance: Gratitude, Joy, and Generosity during COVID-19 Simple Giving Near and Far Part Three in Series Read Part One and Part Two here to see how gratitude and generosity can help you cope in even the darkest of times. Generosity in Self-Isolation Abundance Canada clients Walter and Rose* usually spend their retirement travelling…

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For This Business, Generosity is the Bottom Line

Farm Business

Today’s marketplace may be dominated by large corporations duty-bound to deliver ever-increasing profits, but for 40 years Norm and Joan Smith* ran a prosperous agriculture business with a different definition of success. Generosity outweighed the bottom line, and they prioritized donating to numerous charities from their farm income every year. The Smiths always knew that…

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Bridging the Generation Gap with Generosity (Part Three)

Extended family

Link to Part One and Part Two I have been privileged to work with many generous Abundance Canada clients, including Gerald*, a father whose guidance inspired new generations of philanthropists. A Tradition of Generous Giving Gerald was a hard-working father and business owner who generously supported the charities he loved. From the time they were…

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Bridging the Generation Gap with Generosity (Part Two)

Father and Son

Link to Part One Five Opportunities to Engage the Next Generation in Giving While there’s no guarantee that our children and grandchildren will follow in our footsteps when it comes to philanthropy, evidence suggests that we have more influence in this area than they might let on. Knowing this, it makes sense to think strategically…

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Faithful Generosity

Franklin Family

Most researchers agree that charitable giving is a learned behaviour, but most people have never enrolled in lessons on how to be generous. It is just something we pick up through experience. On average, people who are active in a faith community give more to charity than other people in Canada. For them, giving generously…

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Deck the Halls with Generosity

christmas at work

I like Christmas specials. Each December (and sometimes in between) the kids inevitably watch ‘Elf’, often listed among the most beloved Christmas films of the 21st Century. Buddy’s adoption story resonates with my family (not that any of us were raised by elves), as all my children are adopted. We enjoy his journey to reunite…

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