Bridging the Generation Gap with Generosity (Part Three)

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I have been privileged to work with many generous Abundance Canada clients, including Gerald*, a father whose guidance inspired new generations of philanthropists.

A Tradition of Generous Giving

Gerald was a hard-working father and business owner who generously supported the charities he loved. From the time they were young, he made it a priority to involve his children in his charitable giving.  Through conversations and practical lessons in giving, he gently guided them to shape their own philanthropic sensibilities. When Gerald passed away, he bequeathed a generous gift to charity and tasked his children with managing the distributions from his estate. They embraced the challenge, taking on the Gifting Fund™ their father had started for the family.

Each year, Gerald’s children get together to consider new opportunities for charitable giving, carefully weaving new causes they care about into their father’s legacy. Gerald’s daughter, Sharon, explains, “It’s an opportunity to get together, to remember him and remember what his desires were, and to think about what Dad would want.”

It’s now been twelve years since Gerald died, but his legacy of generosity continues to pass to new generations of their family. Gerald’s son, Bill, appreciates continuing the lessons his Dad taught. “It’s another blessing to keep doing the giving the way he did, through his kids.”

Giving Together Impacts Generations

A Gifting Fund for the family makes intergenerational giving simple. Any family member can start the account and invite the whole family to dream and strategically engage in philanthropy together.

From the earliest ages, young people get to see firsthand the joy that generosity brings. Older kids can help to research the causes they might want the family to support. As they move into young adulthood and develop their own philanthropic voice, they can contribute to the fund themselves and take an active role in recommending charitable distributions.

By giving together, family connections are strengthened as generosity is modelled, learned, and practiced. This ongoing tradition continues to influence new generations as the family grows and changes.

Gerald inspired generations in his family to be more generous through gentle modelling and creating opportunities for his kids to practice charitable giving. Are you ready to make generosity a new family tradition?

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of our Abundance Canada clients

Contributed by Peter Dryden
Gift Planning Consultant

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