Giving a Gift for Now and Later

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I love the thrill of giving a gift. Hearing a child’s exclamation of joy. Or, watching a tear run down a loved one’s cheek. There’s a sense of satisfaction, knowing the gift will be enjoyed throughout the year, or even longer.

Every family has their own holiday gift exchange traditions. Some sit together, watching one another open their gifts. Others send parcels in the mail, or hand deliver their gifts.

My own family’s gift-giving includes a mix of all of these. I was struck this year by how our annual Christmas gift-exchange parallels my experience with charitable giving.

Different Styles of Giving

There are different styles of giving!

Like the cousin who hands you a shiny package and then implores you to open it, some donors prefer to give knowing their chosen charity will receive their gift and use it immediately. They want to get that charitable work started now. Be thanked directly. And see the impact of their donations right away.

Other donors plan to do most of their giving through their wills. They designate a portion of their estate to bless the charities that they are passionate about. Like the neighbours who leave a card and gift by the door to be opened after they’ve gone home, these donors know their gift will be received at some time in the future. The charity they care about will be sustained after they are gone.

Now and Later

In my role as a gift planning consultant, I see and understand both approaches. However, maximizing our charitable giving usually involves combining both immediate giving and future giving through our estates.

No matter what your unique situation is, you have the flexibility to select where and when you wish to donate. We can assist you by facilitating a variety of ways to give to the causes you care about.

There are many ways to practically express your generosity. What’s your giving style?

Contributed by: Marlow Gingerich
Gift Planning Consultant

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