A Generosity Plan™ - A Simple Solution

Whether it’s digging a well, protecting the environment, building a school, finding a cure for cancer, sponsoring a child, supporting your local church or a mission outreach program — you can support your favourite causes, all from one conveniently managed place.

We can help you develop a customized Generosity Plan™ that strategically connects your resources, values and passions with the charities you care about.

Your Generosity Plan may include any of the following gifting options to maximize your giving potential during your lifetime and beyond:

  • Gift of Cash
  • Gift of Publicly Traded Securities
  • Gift of Private Company Shares
  • Gift in Your Will
  • Gift of Life Insurance
  • Gift of Registered Accounts (RRSP/RRIP/TFSA)



The Joy of Simple Charitable Giving

We make every step of your charitable giving experience simple, efficient and effective, so you can focus on what matters most: the joy of sharing your abundance.

Your Gifting Fund is the mechanism through which we receive your donations, from the gifting options that work best for you, such as cash, cheque, credit card or e-transfer, in-kind proceeds, for example, the sale of publicly traded securities or a gift of life insurance.

Your Gifting Fund is fully flexible, you choose when and how much to disburse to charity. You can give immediately or defer your donation over time. You can also choose to give with recognition or anonymously.

From simple to complex donations, you can ensure your generosity is purposeful. You can maximize your charitable impact, while enjoying the tax advantages.

Administration fees may apply in some situations and there are a few restrictions and limitations on a charitable fund.

Let's Connect

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Abundance Canada is a public foundation registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Abundance Canada is authorized to receive charitable donations, issue official donation receipts and distribute funds to registered charities in Canada through a donor-advised model we administer. Charitable Registration No: 12925-3308-RR0001.