Radical Generosity

Hugo Peters

There is a palpable sense of fun in Hugo Peters’ voice when he speaks about his unconventional retirement plan. He wants to give away all his money. Bit by bit, he is determined to donate as much as he can. Hugo likens this strategy to an old joke about a farmer who fell on hard…

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The Most Precious Gift

Family Volunteering

Nowadays, the click of a mouse or tap of a smartphone has largely replaced cash and cheque transactions. Charitable donations are increasingly moving towards digital platforms. Some fear this change in donation methods has reduced the opportunity to model generosity to the next generation, but I think it has boosted the impact of modelling another…

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Camp: a catalyst for generosity

Teen volunteers

Summer’s Here – Now What? It is the first week of July. Most Canadian parents are aware that their kids have a lot of empty days ahead this summer. Parents want to make sure the break from school is not only restful, but constructive. I was the same. Many parents are grateful for the variety…

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Summertime, and the Giving is Easy

girl gardening

For many charities, summertime is one of the most difficult seasons of the year. Even though most of us have a bit more time off and there are no snowy roads to drive, giving tends to slow down when the weather heats up. This may be because donors are away, or their resources are being…

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Generations of Giving

Generations of Generosity Blog Image, Evelyn

Evelyn is an avid volunteer and gives to various charities. Most of her holidays are spent with teams of shoe box distributors: building water filters for homes, providing medical services in needy communities, and supporting agriculture projects (food always in the home). “After annually packing shoe boxes, I was curious about the distribution at the…

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Unexpected Truth: Lessons from a Thai Refugee Camp


Back in 1988, my wife and I chaperoned 17 high school students on a trip to visit refugee camps in Thailand. We thought the students would learn about missions and life outside of Canada. We had no idea the experience would change us forever. Our first stop in Thailand was the remote Ban Vinai Refugee…

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A Simple Thank You!

Time, Talent, and Treasure It seems Canadians are busier now then they ever have been, and finding balance is proving the holy grail quest of our age. Despite the competing demands of modern life, many continue to hold fast to the age-old exhortation to give freely of our “time, talent, and treasure”. This comprehensive approach…

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A Summer of Opportunity

It’s a Long Summer Right about now, both parents and kids are realizing there’s a lot of time left before school is back in session. While the first few weeks of summer vacation were a blessed relief from the grind of school wake-ups and homework, many families are now facing the all-too-familiar refrain of ‘I’m…

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