Making a Difference with a Gift of Life Insurance

The United Nations Women recently warned that alongside the Covid-19 pandemic, women around the world have suffered a “shadow pandemic” of domestic violence. This is no surprise to Abundance Canada client Christine Kampen, whose early career experience counselling women at a sexual assault centre in Saskatoon and at a transition house for battered women in Abbotsford brought her face…

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Building A Charitable Legacy Using Life Insurance

As David and Anna settled into the rhythm of retired life, their thoughts turned to the future. They had always prioritized two things – family and charity. They knew there must be a way to support both with their estate but were not sure of the best options. They contacted Abundance Canada for help.  David and…

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The Benefits of a Gift of Life Insurance (Part 2)

The Benefits of a Gift of Life Insurance

A gift of life insurance can be an effective way to support charity. If you need the charitable receipt in your estate and not during your lifetime, you might choose to retain ownership of the life insurance policy and name a charity as the beneficiary.  Naming a Charity as the Beneficiary of a Life Insurance Policy  When you name a charity as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy, you remain the policy owner. …

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The Benefits of a Gift of Life Insurance (Part 1)

Gift of Life Insurance

Thanksgiving is often the time of year when we consider the abundance we have and reflect on the needs of others. Some of us extend our generosity as part of our Thanksgiving traditions; researching opportunities to give and then writing a cheque, participating in a food collection drive, or spending some time volunteering. As wonderful as giving back like this can…

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Living to Make the World Better


Ever since she was a little girl, Christine desired to make the world better. She wanted her life to have a place in the world. One that allowed her to give back. Christine grew up in Abbotsford, where she was deeply affected by her father’s tragic tales of his journey as a refugee from war-torn…

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An Off-the-Radar Opportunity

WP 7.08

Originally published in Wealth Professional Canada. Issue 7.08, October 2019. Read the interview with Rick Braun-Janzen, Director of Gift Planning at Abundance Canada on donating a life insurance policy to charity.    

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Maximum Impact

“I felt like I wanted my money to have maximum impact in the world, even when I’m not here anymore,” says Abundance Canada client Christine Kampen. Having lived a life led by her innate compassion for others and deep conviction of generosity, by her early thirties, Christine knew that she wanted to go the extra…

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