The Impact of Generational Generosity

Young couple, Beni and Diana, smile at the camera. They are standing outside.

“Generosity is our family lifestyle, and something [with which] you inspire the people around you,” says Beni Cobaschi. It is a mindset he first learned while growing up in Romania. “As far as I can remember, my family was highly active in the church — my grandparents, and my parents,” says Beni. “They were always…

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The Business of Generous Giving

Steve Brandt

As a young entrepreneur, Steve Brandt didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about how he could be generous. He had grown up in a Christian home and during that time had seen his parents give faithfully to their local church and to those in need. However, starting a livestock transportation business from scratch took…

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Generosity from Generation to Generation

Generous Millennials

Canadians are generous givers – the third most generous in the world when charitable giving is expressed as a percentage of GDP[1]. However, the face of charitable giving in Canada is changing. According to the latest report[2], in 2014 approximately 30% fewer tax-filers claimed charitable donations compared to the highest year on record (1990). At…

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