Fight “COVID Fatigue” with Generosity

Back in March, the sudden arrival of COVID-19 brought out the best in us as people made grocery and pharmacy runs for elderly neighbours, lined up to clap for health care workers, and wrote messages of hope on windows and sidewalks.  Now we’re entering the eighth month of this pandemic, and it’s no wonder we are all starting to feel fatigued [1]. With…

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Generosity Full Circle

“I still remember opening the door to that first house and seeing everything was laid out with all the amenities. We felt that warmth. We felt that love,” Vinh Huynh says, recalling the day his family first arrived in Birtle, Manitoba. It was 1979, and this homecoming marked the end of a harrowing journey from…

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A Generosity Hat Trick

Generosity Hat trick

I was out shoveling my driveway this past March when my neighbour Harvey pulled over and rolled down his window to chat. Newly retired and on his way home from goaltending a shinny hockey match (it was just days before city arenas in Calgary closed due to COVID-19) he was keen to tell me how…

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Deck the Halls with Generosity

christmas at work

I like Christmas specials. Each December (and sometimes in between) the kids inevitably watch ‘Elf’, often listed among the most beloved Christmas films of the 21st Century. Buddy’s adoption story resonates with my family (not that any of us were raised by elves), as all my children are adopted. We enjoy his journey to reunite…

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Random Acts of Generosity

Sherlock Friesen

Sherlock Friesen is a long-time Abundance Canada client. He follows a well-thought out Generosity Plan™ that includes making regular charitable donations from his Gifting Fund™. This methodical approach to charitable giving suits his analytical nature. He’s the first to admit that he rarely added an additional dollar to his grocery bill at the checkout nor…

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Pay It Forward: An Oldie But a Goodie

Paying it forward

It was the fall of 1992. Our 15-month old daughter’s cry echoed in the church basement. My wife and I did our best to comfort her, smiling as we greeted the men and women of the congregation. As I shook hand after hand I glanced at my daughter’s anxious face and thought to myself, ‘I…

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A More Wonderful World

Three women celebrating generosity

Summer is a time to relax and play! Whether we’re visiting a far-off place, heading out to the lake, or just spending some time in our own back yard, summer affords us the time to pause and be grateful for this wonderful world we live in. Time to Appreciate What We Have The beauty of…

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Rediscovering the Joy of Living Generously

Family celebrates joy of birthday

Going Deeper Than Decluttering When I was a teenager, millionaire Malcom Forbes quipped “he who dies with the most toys wins” and it quickly became a popular bumper sticker and T-shirt slogan. Nowadays, the saying is more likely to be used as an ironic meme, but we continue to put an enormous amount of time…

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“No Problem”: A New Level of Generosity

Fresh bread

It was a cold morning. Sleet, slush, grey – you get it. Yet, my husband and I have a standing Saturday ‘date’. We walk the short distance from our house into town. Once there, we divide the list of errands, then meet back at Starbucks for coffee. And well the weather wasn’t encouraging, we decided…

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