A Practical Legacy


Inspired and adapted from “Leave a Legacy

A Lasting Impression

We all want to be remembered for contributing something to the world. Those in positions of great power go down in history for the things they accomplish. But for the rest of us, it isn’t so clear. Most of us won’t change the world on a grand scale, but through our actions and choices, we will each leave a lasting impression on those whose lives we touch.

Practical Legacy-Building

Financial giving is a tool that allows us to reach people near and far. Edwin Friesen wrote: “Through the medium of money, I can help drill a well in Ethiopia even though I do not have the time, experience, or equipment to do so. Even though I do not speak Spanish, I can support a national pastor in Nicaragua who moves from village to village sharing the good news of Jesus.”We often think of legacy in abstract terms. However, estate planning provides a practical opportunity to build a legacy that extends far beyond our immediate time and place.

A Creative Plan

John (a pseudonym) was passionate about donating to the charities he loved. For years Abundance Canada helped him manage his giving. As John got older, he wanted to make sure the charities he cared about continued to receive support even after he was gone. In his will, John earmarked a portion of his estate for them. To ensure long-term support, he requested the funds be distributed over a period of 20 years. He also set up undesignated charitable funds. He stipulated that his children get together each year to decide where the monies get donated.

Establish Your Legacy

How we plan to dispose of our earthly goods after we pass away says much about our life and our values. John’s creative estate plan testified to the joy of giving he had experienced during his life. In addition, encouraging and equipping the next generation to give generously underscored how deeply John loved his family and how much he wanted them to be generous, too.

Through our gift and estate planning services, Abundance Canada can help you establish your legacy. How will people remember you?

Giving Your First Fruits: Money, Faith and Worship the collected writings of Edwin Friesen

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