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Archive for March 2018

You Can’t Take It With You

We plan our futures around it, work overtime for it, agonize over it, and dream of having more of it. It is such a part of our lexicon that lists no less than 38 common synonyms for it, and the English language adds a plethora of additional slang terms. Some of us are enamoured…

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Moments of Kindness

It wasn’t really a bad day, but there had been enough inconveniences to put me in a bad mood.  I tripped and bruised my knee. The milk was sour, a fact I only discovered after it was in my mouth. I was stood-up at a meeting I’d confirmed. The zipper on my jacket broke. None…

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Give Like Spider-Man

It seems one cannot pass a multiplex lately without seeing posters and ads for the latest superhero movie. These stories of people gifted with powers, who use their extraordinary abilities to protect and serve others, have captured our collective imaginations. When we read the news in the morning, it’s hard not to wish for a…

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