Give Like Spider-Man


It seems one cannot pass a multiplex lately without seeing posters and ads for the latest superhero movie. These stories of people gifted with powers, who use their extraordinary abilities to protect and serve others, have captured our collective imaginations. When we read the news in the morning, it’s hard not to wish for a friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man to right the wrongs in our cities, our countries, our world. Of course, if we think about it, doesn’t Uncle Ben’s sage advice to Peter Parker (a.k.a. Spider-Man) “With great power comes great responsibility” really apply to us all? We may not be able to defy gravity or shoot webs, but we have all been gifted with talents and abilities we can use to impact our communities.

An Uncanny Ability

Abundance Canada client Bob (not his real name) was gifted with an uncanny ability to make money. A daring entrepreneur, he had started several businesses over the years and somehow, no matter the overall success of these endeavours, he always landed on his feet with some money in his pocket. Early on in his career, he decided that his talent came with a responsibility to live and give generously. After ensuring he could provide well for his family, Bob made a commitment to give away any extra income that they did not need to live on. Like those comic-book heroes learning to wield their powers, it wasn’t always easy for Bob, but he kept to his code. When things were going well, there was more available to give, and when times were lean, there was a little less. In each unique circumstance, Bob kept his promise to make the most of what God had given him. As a result, Bob’s generosity touched the lives of people all around him.

Our Responsibility

God gives us the raw materials of life, time, ability, and resources. It is then our responsibility to make the most of these gifts within our own unique circumstances. Our opportunities will be different, and our talents will vary, but our challenge is the same—use the “superpower” God has given you to serve those around you. If we do, we might just save the world.

What is your “superpower”?  How are you using it to generously serve your community?

We’d love to hear your story, and we invite you to share your thoughts with us.

Inspired by and adapted from blog Assembly Required” by Edwin Friesen

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