When Giving Is Good for Business: Donating Private Company Shares (Part 2)

In Part One, I introduced you to Keith and Edward, who contacted me to help them donate $100K of private company shares. Although complex rules apply, with proper planning and professional advice, this gift planning strategy can be a tax efficient way to support charity.   How to Donate Private Company Shares  The process of donating private company shares to Abundance…

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When Giving Is Good for Business: Donating Private Company Shares (Part 1)

Edward & Keith always knew they wanted to work together. After earning their CPA designations, the brothers took the plunge and went into business together. They incorporated their accounting business, which qualified as a Canadian Controlled Private Corporation (CCPC). In time, the business became quite successful and the brothers were happy to give back to…

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Markets Are Looking Up, and Your Charitable Giving Can Too

Instead of spending fun times at our favourite amusement parks over the past few months, many of us have been riding a different kind of a rollercoaster. Along with businesses and charities, investors white-knuckled it through volatile market ups and downs this spring and early summer as the world figured out the impact of the COVID-19 crisis.    Thankfully, markets today have largely recovered, and most stocks and mutual funds have…

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Support Your Favourite Charity with Gifts of Securities

Fred Smith* is a big-hearted man, and has always donated a percentage of his annual income to charity. When the homeless shelter in his city launched a fundraising campaign to construct a new building, he decided to give them an extra $10,000 above his annual support. Fred was excitedly telling a friend about the project over lunch one day when his friend told…

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Generosity in Tax Season? (Part Two)

Selling publicly traded securities

Link to Part One Like most Canadian taxpayers, Joanne and John Nelson* knew that charitable receipts generated tax credits that helped offset their income tax payable. That wasn’t why they donated to their favourite charities, but they appreciated the benefit, as it often allowed them to be a little more generous with their donations. The…

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Generosity in Tax Season? (Part One)

Couple reviews generosity plan

It is once again tax-filing season. Time to check the mail each day for those stray T4’s and T5’s and gather up a year’s worth of receipts for medical and education expenses and charitable donations. For the highly organized among us the start of tax season triggers little more than walking a few steps to…

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