Reversal of Fortune

Ken and Colleen

As an engineering student at the University of Calgary, Abundance Canada client Ken Godard never expected one of the most valuable lessons he’d learn would be about generosity. “I was a young man putting myself through University and I didn’t qualify for any student loans,” he explains. A strict budget allowed him to cover his…

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A Generosity Lifestyle

Bieber Family

How many times have you heard someone say, “I’d love to give more but I’m just too busy”? When we think of generosity as something we must do in addition to our everyday lives, giving can become stressful instead of joyful. As a young doctor and busy teacher raising a growing family, Abundance Canada clients…

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More than a Gift

Smiling teachers

Carla sat on the porch of the school in the hot afternoon sun. They had had more students show up today than ever before. Her stomach grumbled, a reminder that she had not eaten since breakfast. That meant that her husband Juan probably hadn’t eaten anything either. Carla stood up and started toward the small…

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Generosity Influencers

Poloroids of influencers

These days, it’s hard to buy anything without thinking about the influencer that probably sold it to you. Maybe it was a movie star advocating the best skin care, or an athlete endorsing new running shoes. Savvy marketers know that people are way more likely to purchase their product if they hear it recommended by…

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The Business of Being Generous

Hands giving props

The business world is often described as a battle ground. Competitors are to be crushed and customers are to be won over. The bottom-line rules. Companies may strategically give away products and skills. Yet, the root goal is brand awareness or making useful relationships. Is this what generosity looks like in the business world? Doug…

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You Can’t Take It With You

We plan our futures around it, work overtime for it, agonize over it, and dream of having more of it. It is such a part of our lexicon that lists no less than 38 common synonyms for it, and the English language adds a plethora of additional slang terms. Some of us are enamoured…

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Bridging the Gap

The Richest Man in the World Following a booming holiday season for Amazon, Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of the online shopping giant, became the richest man in the world. According to Forbes magazine, at the close of the stock market Jan 12th, Bezos’ net worth was a staggering $109B1. By contrast, a 2017 Oxfam…

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A Practical Legacy

Inspired and adapted from “Leave a Legacy” A Lasting Impression We all want to be remembered for contributing something to the world. Those in positions of great power go down in history for the things they accomplish. But for the rest of us, it isn’t so clear. Most of us won’t change the world on…

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Grateful Today

Festive decorations are out and the blank spaces on my calendar have filled up fast. Checkouts are lined with people with their lists of gifts for family and friends. That’s where we all get asked the perfunctory, “How are you today?” Most customers will respond with the innocuous ‘Fine’ or ‘Okay,’ and some will be…

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