A More Wonderful World

Three women celebrating generosity

Summer is a time to relax and play! Whether we’re visiting a far-off place, heading out to the lake, or just spending some time in our own back yard, summer affords us the time to pause and be grateful for this wonderful world we live in. Time to Appreciate What We Have The beauty of…

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Landscaping Your Generosity

chestnut tree

The light streaming through a crack in the shades woke me earlier than I would have liked. I padded downstairs and brewed some coffee. The bright sun was already heating the house, so I took my cup to the backyard in search of some shade and a bit of breeze. The best I could find…

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A Place Called Enough

 The Best Place for All of Us For some people, not having enough is a problem. But it could be argued that having too much is also a problem. If we’re lacking, we start to worry about our needs and our family’s well-being. With too much it’s tempting to live unto ourselves, to not…

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The Gratitude Perspective

As we close out the month of Thanksgiving, all of us have battled through difficult circumstances at one time or another. These events are different for all of us: the loss of a job, health concerns, financial insecurity, family struggles, grief. In the midst of these times, we feel anything but grateful. However, gratitude is…

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The Power of Enough

Amidst the twinkling holiday lights, music, and pressure to spend, I find December often throws the disparity in our world into sharp relief. Here in Canada, the cost of living continues to rise. Jobs remain precarious for many. The prevalence of contract positions, lack of benefits, and low wages undermine financial security for many families.…

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An Abundant Thanksgiving

You will never have enough Next weekend, Canadian families and friends will gather around dining tables across the country and share a Thanksgiving meal.  The outside of my refrigerator is covered in paper turkeys and handprint crafts depicting the things my children are thankful for. The fridge itself is filled with groceries for the big…

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