The Family That Gives Together

Smith Family

It’s a new decade, and another Christmas is firmly in the rear-view mirror. We all love to give and make time to spend with loved ones during the holidays, but that Christmas spirit often gets lost when we fall back into our busy family routines. But what if togetherness and generosity were the family routine?…

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I’ve Got No Strings

Smiling older couple

Building Healthy Relationships Between Donors and Charities No matter why a person gives to charity, the organization they support is certain to be grateful. Financial contributions are what enable charities and nonprofits to do the good work they do. When I work with people giving to charity, they often know which charities they want to…

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Making an Impact

People give to charity for many different reasons, but one thing they all share is the desire to make a difference in the lives of others. Opportunities abound for generous people to give to a good cause. Large national and international organizations vie for donations, small local charities fundraise and, lately, direct appeals through sites…

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Five Things to Consider Before You Give

We’re now more than halfway through January. Among the New Year’s resolutions to eat right and exercise more, many people resolved to do more to help others. However, it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start. Where should we give? How much should we give? As a Gift Planning Consultant, I love to…

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