Gift Planning with Rivers Edge Camp & Retreat Centre


Rivers Edge Camp & Retreat Centre serves over 6,500 individuals per year. Some are experiencing camp for the first time, others continue for a lifetime. Our vision is to invite people to experience Christ-Centered life change. We accomplish this through our mission to provide opportunities for diverse groups to develop and grow into fully committed followers of Jesus Christ.

We are seed planters committed to presenting the gospel through our words and our actions that cause individuals to pause and think about their relationship with a God who loves them.

You can help us realize our vision and mission by providing long-term financial support that will bring financial stability to the Camp and allow us to focus on how we plant seeds that will be cultivated in the future.

One way you can partner with us is through Gift Planning. Gift Planning allows you to invest in God’s kingdom now and in the future, in a tax efficient way.

Abundance Canada is pleased to assist Rivers Edge Camp & Retreat Centre supporters with strategic gift planning. Our trained consultants have the tools to help you live generously at every stage of life.

We have no commissions, no hidden fees, and no products to sell. All consultations are free and confidential and all our work is based on our Biblical understanding of generosity. Call a consultant today and discover how Abundance Canada services may be tailored to suit your needs.

Our services to you include:

Don't see it on the list? Call and ask — with our personalized service, it just might be possible!

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