Gift in a Will Sheet

A Gift to Charity in a Will Creates a Lasting Legacy

Many people want their generosity to extend beyond their lifetime and a gift to charity in their will is a great way to create this type of legacy.

A gift to charity in a will is commonly referred to as a charitable bequest and can be a specific dollar amount, a specific asset, a percentage of the estate, or the residual amount of the estate.

Abundance Canada can help you include a charitable bequest as part of your Generosity Plan™.

Why Include a Gift in Your Will?

  • Your legacy of giving continues to support the causes you care about.
  • Your will provides a way to give, possibly more than you could during your lifetime.
  • Your estate will receive a donation receipt for the amount of your gift, reducing or perhaps eliminating final taxes owing.

Why Use Abundance Canada to Facilitate a Gift in Your Will?

  • We simplify the process for your executor / executrix, or estate administrator.
    • When you name Abundance Canada as a charitable beneficiary in your will, your estate issues one cheque and receives one donation receipt. Abundance Canada will distribute funds to one or multiple charities based on your pre-documented donation recommendations.
    • No need to report estate details to multiple charities.
  • A Generosity Plan™ at Abundance Canada allows the single bequest to benefit multiple charities.
    • No need to include each charity in your will.
  • You don’t need to revise your will if you want to change the charities you wish to support with your bequest.
    • You contact Abundance Canada to update your Generosity Plan™ distribution recommendations.
  • Abundance Canada can manage your bequest to provide ongoing support for the causes you care about.
  • Distributions to charities can be made anonymously.

How the Abundance Canada Process Works

  1. Meet with a gift planning consultant from Abundance Canada to discuss how a charitable bequest fits into your overall Generosity Plan.
  2. Name Abundance Canada as the beneficiary of the charitable gift in your will. This removes the complexity of naming one or more charities in your will.
  3. Using our Distribution Recommendation form, you can recommend which charities you wish to support, how much support they should receive and over what time period.
  4. Update or revise your Abundance Canada Distribution Recommendation form at any time without having to update your will.
  5. Abundance Canada will send your estate an official donation receipt for tax purposes.

Next Steps

Established in 1974, Abundance Canada envisions a world where everyone lives generously, because we believe generosity changes everything™. To learn more about creating your Generosity Plan, contact Abundance Canada at 1.800.772.3257 to speak with a gift planning consultant. All consultations are confidential, with no obligations.