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People are passionate fans of a lot of different things, from hobbies to hockey to Sci-Fi. However, being passionate about a cause often brings to mind images of shouting into a bullhorn or holding a sign at a protest. But that’s not the case. Mary* is one of the most dedicated “fans” I know, quietly giving her time and money to support her favourite charity.

A Tradition of Giving 

Mary’s parents believed in giving back and they passed those values on to their children. So, when Mary started her own business, she made a point of donating a portion of her earnings to the causes she cared about.

At first, she gave to a variety of charities but then a letter from an international humanitarian organization captured her interest. Mary had been so lucky to realize her own entrepreneurial dreams that she loved the idea of helping others do the same. Soon, her initial donation turned into ongoing support. But Mary wanted to do more, so she volunteered her time to organize and run a variety of local fundraisers.

A Passion for Generosity 

Mary’s support for her favourite charity was more than just her family tradition of giving back; she felt a personal connection to the women and children she was helping in the developing world, many of whom were able to start their own small businesses through microenterprise initiatives. Mary is filled with joy when she hears their success stories.

To simplify her charitable giving, Mary created a Generosity Plan™ with Abundance Canada. Her regular contributions to her Gifting Fund™ help to support her favourite charity over the long term. Fifteen years of giving later, Mary’s passion for generosity is still growing.

A Generosity Plan™ Makes Pursuing Her Passion Simple 

Working with her financial advisor, Mary donates in-kind publicly traded securities. The cash proceeds top up her Gifting Fund before each year-end, and she benefits from the tax efficiency of donating securities. She loves to talk about the projects her favourite charity is working on, and joyfully shares stories of how they are changing lives. Mary is so passionate about the cause that two-thirds of her annual giving goes to supporting their work.

Inspired by Mary’s experience, her son and daughter have now set up their own Generosity Plans at Abundance Canada. It is exciting to see another generation of Mary’s family become passionate about supporting their own favourite causes.

Find Your Passion  

What are you passionate about? It might be a hobby or sports or travel.  What if you approached your charitable giving with that same passion? Imagine the joy your generosity could bring.


Contributed by Kevin Davidson
Gift Planning Consultant

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