Launch Your Generosity Today

Launch Your Generosity

Last weekend people from around the world live-streamed NASA’s launch of the SpaceX Crew Dragon, the first manned spaceflight to launch from North America in nearly a decade. The images of Mission Control and the launch site had me marveling at how much technology has changed since the Apollo missions. When someone mentioned Newton’s famous quote about “standing on the shoulders of giants,” my thoughts turned towards the generosity that often makes such discoveries possible.

The recent space capsule launch has Sherri Grosz thinking about how generosity can unlock opportunities that lead to innovation.

Equipping the Next Generation

Abundance Canada clients Rob and Lois Konrad are passionate about empowering and equipping the next generation. They have oriented their Generosity Plan™ towards improving educational opportunities for young people in their community. “I’m a practical person,” says Rob. “And when you give where you can see the results, you find you give more than you thought you should or could.”

The Konrads often see their generosity at work at the United Mennonite Educational Institution (UMEI) Christian High School, where several generations of their family have gone and currently go to school. Both Rob and Lois volunteer their time at local events and fundraisers, as well as supporting the school financially.

Generosity Unlocks Innovation

A few years ago, the Konrad family (Rob, Lois and all their siblings) established the UMEI STEM Fund to strengthen and support the school’s science, technology and math program. This donation allowed UMEI to keep up with technology advancements and provide future innovators with some cutting-edge learning opportunities. In time, other supporters came alongside the Konrads, making the STEM fund a sustainable initiative capable of supporting students for years to come.

“When we give any time or resources, we are looking for impact,” explains Rob. “If we see a place where we can impact an outcome, we want to give.” Whether through volunteering on a board, contributing to a fundraising campaign, or sponsoring the school STEM fund, the Konrad’s generosity has helped hundreds of young people engage with science, math, and technology in new and exciting ways.

Generosity Helps Others Reach for the Stars

Every time I think of the newest space capsule lifting off into the atmosphere, I am so grateful for the people whose generosity is giving others the opportunity to reach higher, even allowing them to stand on the shoulders of giants. Who knows what future discoveries that quiet act of generosity might bring? Launching your generosity today could help someone reach for the stars.

Contributed by Sherri Grosz
Gift Planning Consultant

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