A Family Foundation with Abundance Canada

Abundance Canada offers individuals, couples or families an amazing opportunity to fulfil their charitable dreams by setting up their own Family Foundation. There are no start-up costs, set-up fees or legal fees and we can facilitate the charitable fund on your behalf.

A Family Foundation is a great way for you to engage your family and friends to participate in supporting your favourite charities, by asking them to also donate to your charitable fund. You can add donations to your charitable fund as often as you wish. You tell us how much, when and where you would like donations to be sent, either during your lifetime, through your estate, or both!


Family Foundation Benefits

  • Normally costs less to use an existing public foundation than to start one from scratch;
  • There are no start up costs and no annual legal and accounting fees to begin a family foundation at Abundance Canada. Those savings alone can constitute a substantial gift to charity;
  • You don’t need to have substantial financial resources to create your own foundation account at Abundance Canada. We manage all types of family foundations, ranging in size from a few thousand dollars to several million;
  • Our services provide you with a broad range of options, some of which are not available through a private foundation;
  • Our many years of experience provide you with proven expertise, flexible options, enhanced services, and sound fund management;
  • Donations to your charitable fund receive a donation receipt;
  • We can accommodate your preference for either anonymity or recognition.

Our information sheet on Public Foundations vs. Private Foundations will provide a quick overview of why you should choose Abundance Canada to set up your family foundation. Please click the button below to access your free information sheet.

Let's Connect

With regional offices across Canada, we offer confidential free consultations, with no obligation. To learn more, connect with us today or call 1.800.772.3257 to arrange to meet with a Gift Planning Consultant in your area. 

Abundance Canada is a public foundation registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Abundance Canada is authorized to receive charitable donations, issue official donation receipts and distribute funds to registered charities in Canada through a donor-advised model we administer.
Charity Registration No: 12925-3308-RR0001.