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HART's ministry is impacting tens of thousands of lives each year in Eastern Europe. We're dedicated to alleviating poverty and injustice in Eastern Europe by working as a servant ministry alongside the local Church—giving them the tools to build a better world for themselves, their communities, and their countries.

Our strategy to accomplish this is to use HART resources to empower and equip National churches in Eastern Europe to rise up and respond to the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of their own communities.

HART's goal in North America is to inspire and provide opportunities for people to get involved and truly make a difference in this world.

You can help us realize our vision and mission by providing long-term financial support that will bring financial stability to our ministry and allow us to focus on how we plant seeds that will be cultivated in the future.

One way you can partner with us is through Gift Planning. Gift Planning allows you to invest in God’s kingdom now and in the future in a tax efficient way.

HART is pleased to recommend and refer you to Abundance Canada, a faith-based, non-profit national organization that has, for more than 40 years, helped Canadians with their charitable giving.

We have no commissions, no hidden fees, and no products to sell. All consultations are free and confidential and all our work is based on our Biblical understanding of generosity. Call a consultant today and discover how Abundance Canada services may be tailored to suit your needs.

Our services to you include:

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