Gift Planning with EBC


These are significant days for higher education in Canada as it continues to evolve and change in response to the ever changing needs and demands of students for education that is practical, affordable, and most of all, flexible to them; and Emmanuel has been adapting to this environment while standing firm on our Evangelical Christian roots and desire to train the next generation of Godly leaders in the church.

“I believe the role for the Bible College today is more important and more strategic than ever, and we can move into the future with confidence that God is with us and that He calls us in these times to be innovative, responsive, and collaborative.” — Dr. Stephen Roy, President and Dean

We are pleased to recommend Abundance Canada, and we appreciate how they empower people to live a rewarding life of generosity. You can be confident that Abundance Canada will serve you professionally and with integrity to ensure your charitable and financial goals are being met.

Abundance Canada can assist Emmanuel supporters with strategic gift planning, and their trained consultants have the tools to help you live generously at every stage of life.

We have no commissions, no hidden fees, and no products to sell. All consultations are free and confidential and all our work is based on our Biblical understanding of generosity. Call a consultant today and discover how Abundance Canada services may be tailored to suit your needs.

Our services to you include:

Don't see it on the list? Call and ask — with our personalized service, it just might be possible!