Gloria Rengifo

Director of Finance

Headshot of Gloria Rengifo

With so many ways to demonstrate generosity, Gloria believes that everyone has the capacity to give and bring positive change to the world. She experienced generosity first-hand from Canadians after her family immigrated to Canada from Colombia in 2019.

Gloria has worked with global and community focused organizations and has led multi-disciplinary teams, gaining over 15-years of non-profit experience. She has travelled extensively, affording her the opportunity to grow personally and appreciate the diversity of different cultures. Throughout her professional career, she has received accolades for her outstanding commitment, dedication, and valuable contributions to the organizations she has worked with.

She graduated from Universidad Santiago de Cali (Colombia) with a Bachelor of Finance and International Business degree. She has a Master’s in Financial Management from ISEAD - Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain) and a Certificate in Management and Administration from University of Manitoba (Canada).

Gloria enjoys painting, giving new life to unloved objects, and walking with her dog, Tobias. She is also passionate about food, especially gathering with friends as they create dishes from their countries of origin.