Sherri Grosz

Gift Planning Consultant – Ontario

Sherri Grosz

Sherri is interested in people and loves to hear their stories. In her role at Abundance Canada, she goes beyond the technical and transactional functions of the job to listen to the stories of why donors choose to be generous and why particular charities matter to them. These opportunities help her to build strong relationships with her clients and their families, who often humble and inspire her own generosity.

She is currently the Chair of Elmira Mennonite Church board and volunteers on the Waterloo Wellington Estate Planning Council board. Sherri is a Certified Financial Planner ® professional and her affiliations include Canadian Association of Farm Advisors, the Centre for Family Business,  and the Canadian Association of Gift Planners, of which she is a part of the faculty.

As a farm kid, she still loves the smell of fresh cut alfalfa, almost as much as her first cup of coffee. She loves to read and normally has two to three books on the go, which reflect her curiosity about people and the world around her.

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