Abe Bergen

Board Secretary

Abe Bergen<br>Secretary

Board member: 2014 – present

Abe wears many hats. He is a minister, land developer and self-proclaimed board junkie. He is passionate about generosity as it shapes his life, ministry and business. He is committed to having generosity rooted in the Christian Scriptures and as an expression of discipleship. Abe believes good governance is important for any charity and advocates governance excellence whenever he serves on a board. He says, “Good governance is as important as good skeletal alignment – invisible but crucial to good health and function.”

He also currently serves as the Chair of the Board for the Regional Health Authority - Southern Health Santé Sud; on the EastMan Educational Centre Board; HavenGroup Foundation and MennoMart - a social enterprise venture, as well as serves on the Providence UC & Seminary Campaign Cabinet. Abe has previously served as Moderator of the Evangelical Mennonite Conference; on the Board of Birchwood Funeral Chapel; on the Steinbach Bible College Board (chair); on the HavenGroup Board of Directors and as Congregational Chair in his local church.

A love of community shapes everything Abe does. He has a sense of stewardship about land and God's mandate to 'care for creation', as well as care for people, relationships and community.