Donor Relations and Fundraising Policy


Abundance Canada relies upon the trust and respect of donors and of the community at large. The objective of this policy is to ensure that Abundance Canada’s relationship with its donors meets high ethical standards and complies with existing laws in Canada.

Scope & Definitions

This policy applies to Abundance Canada’s Board of Directors and all employees / contract staff.

Donors refers to individuals and corporations who donate money or other gifts to Abundance Canada.

Donations refer to gifts of cash, gifts-in-kind, life insurance, or property as is legally permissible by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and as explained in our Gift Acceptance Policy.

Fundraising activities refers to the business activities of Abundance Canada to solicit charitable donations to support charity and Abundance Canada’s mission and vision.

Donor Relations

Abundance Canada is committed to treating donors with respect, gratitude, and consideration through the effective stewardship of their donations and through donor relation activities such as facilitating proper gift acknowledgement and fund reporting. Through these and other activities, Abundance Canada seeks to be accountable by acknowledging, informing, and engaging our donors.

  1. Abundance Canada is a donor-advised foundation that works with individuals to establish customized Generosity Plans™ to support charity.
  2. Abundance Canada can distribute donations to any CRA registered charity or qualified donee.
  3. Donor requests to remain anonymous will be honoured.
  4. Abundance Canada issues charitable tax receipts for all gifts that are $25 and above, and meet the CRA's definition of a charitable donation. This receipt policy is disclosed to all donors and prospective donors.
  5. Abundance Canada does not accept restricted gifts and reserves the right to decline a gift based on:
    • incompatibility with Abundance Canada’s mission;
    • desire of the donor to exert unacceptable conditions or controls over disbursement of the gift;
    • implications related to administration time, management and marketability of the gift;
    • unacceptable risks;
    • gifts that are illegal; and
    • other factors agreed to by the Board of Directors.
  6. Abundance Canada encourages donors to seek independent advice if the gift is a planned gift or if Abundance Canada believes the gift may significantly affect the donor's financial position, taxable income, or relationship with other family members.
  7. Abundance Canada will respect donor requests regarding frequency of contact, the means of contact (electronic and/or other), confidentiality of donor information, and any requests to discontinue contact.
  8. Abundance Canada will reject any donation that poses any significant risk to its name, reputation, or integrity.
  9. Abundance Canada does not sell, rent, exchange or otherwise share its donor list.

Fundraising Practices

To demonstrate transparency and accountability, Abundance Canada posts a variety of information on its website including this policy, its financial statements, annual reports, the public portion of its Registered Charity Information Return (T3010), list of members of its Board of Directors, its complaints policy, and privacy policy. Abundance Canada staff are available to meet with donors or prospective donors by appointment either in person or via video conference.

  1. Abundance Canada offers gift planning services and does not conduct door-to-door fundraising solicitations or campaigns; street-side fundraising campaigns; online fundraising; or workplace campaigns.
  2. Abundance Canada representatives will always disclose their role and identity with the organization.
  3. Abundance Canada disburses donations with consideration to recommendations provided by donors.
  4. Abundance Canada is a public foundation that offers donor-advised funds and does not offer permanent endowments. In special circumstances, a “ten-year gift” may be established subject to management approval.
  5. Abundance Canada allows donors to recommend the name of donor-advised funds.
  6. Abundance Canada does not allow donors to name donated buildings, property, or land.
  7. Undesignated donations are added to the Abundance Fund which supports the operations of Abundance Canada.
  8. Abundance Canada does not make claims that cannot be upheld and refrains from using marketing materials or making representations that could be misleading. Any materials distributed by Abundance Canada will include its address or other contact information.
  9. Abundance Canada does not, directly or indirectly, pay finder’s fees, commissions or percentage compensation based on contributions.
  10. Abundance Canada does not participate in or pay for any third-party fundraising services.

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