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A Grandparent’s Gift

While parenting comes with the pressures to raise a child into a productive, happy, well-rounded adult, being a grandparent can be less goal-oriented. There is often more breathing room in the relationship. That generational distance positions grandparents perfectly to help instill the value of charitable giving in the next generation. A New Tradition Charity and…

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A Different Kind of Legacy

Sherri Grosz, Gift Planning Consultant Over the course of their life together, Doug and Heather Leung* raised a happy family and built up a successful business. They worked hard in the shop and instilled in their children the value of hard work, simple living and care for others. Although Doug and Heather had often dreamed…

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June 2018

This spring, we are celebrating family generosity. How do you nurture a culture of generosity in your family? We have gathered some stories, advice and resources that will help your family along its generosity journey. We invite you to share, like and comment! Click here to read the June Generosity Matters e-newsletter >

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A Will Worth Making

By Peter Dryden, Gift Planning Consultant Like more than half of all Canadian adults, Roger[1] did not have a will[2]. As a child, he had been adopted into a wealthy family. Although he loved them deeply, he struggled to form a strong relationship with his siblings. They never became close. In adulthood, their connection faded…

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Generosity is Caught, Not Taught

Darren Pries-Klassen, CEO From the Corner Office Concern for the welfare of others has long been a core virtue in most of the world’s societies. Parents today, regardless of faith, wealth, or background, want our children to grow into “good people” who are kind, generous, and think of others before themselves. But how do we…

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