What Is Your Passion?


How often have you heard the question, “Will you sponsor me?” I’m sure you’ve heard it many times, from a family member, a colleague or someone from your church. For many charitable organizations, organizing events where their supporters can actively participate is a wonderful way to raise funds, get people engaged and create awareness of their cause.

I want to be generous. And more importantly, I want to be a good steward of God’s gifts. Because God is generous, He invites us to share. However, there are occasions when I feel bombarded by all the requests for generosity.

The invitation to give often causes me to reflect on the charities I support; why did I choose them, what would I be willing to do for them or what do I know about them?

Ray’s Story

Ray, a family friend, started his charity 30 years ago. Before starting his locally run charity, Ray maintained a public image of a successful businessman, while privately his life was one of frustration and alcoholism. At the age of 35, Ray’s life was turned around when he decided to follow Jesus. He immediately began working with the homeless, prostitutes, those addicted to drugs and alcohol and those struggling with mental illness. He opened a coffeehouse, which still operates today, and this led to opening care homes and a residential addiction treatment program. I’ve supported Ray for many years because his personal story of transformation and helping others resonates with me.

Selecting which charity or cause to support ultimately boils down to this: what are you most passionate about? What matters to you?

Perhaps you’re already giving to your local church or another charity, and you’re wondering how you could make a greater impact or be more strategic in your giving.

The RISE Framework to Help you Donate Effectively

Rebecca Riccio is a university professor who developed an online course called Giving With Purpose. To help people donate more effectively, she invented the RISE framework. RISE stands for:

Relevance—How well does the charity understand the needs its addressing and knows what works in response to the need? How connected are they to the community they’re serving?

Impact—Does the charity hold itself accountable? Will supporting this charity allow you to make a difference with your resources?

Sustainability—Does the charity have reliable revenue sources and how effectively does it manage its money?

Excellence in Management and Operations—How well-qualified are the executive director and board members?
(Richard Eisenberg, “How Warren Buffett Made Me Smarter About Charity”)

Whatever charities you choose to support, gathering relevant information about them will help you determine to what degree you want to get involved.

Abundance Canada Can Help

It is a personal journey to discover what causes you and your family are most passionate about. At Abundance Canada, we envision a world where everyone lives generously. We are unapologetically faith-driven, and we have the privilege of providing advice on estate and charitable gift planning and setting up personalized gifting accounts. We work with generous Christians across Canada who want to make a difference. Find your passion and join us in making the world a better place!

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