Flexible Gifting Accounts

Charitable Giving, your way!

Abundance Canada is donor-advised, which means you tell us which charities you want to support. Our Flexible Gifting Accounts allow you to make a donation and distribute it to charity immediately or over a number of years. A charitable receipt is issued for the full amount in the year the gift is made. You may recommend distribution of the gift and accrued earnings to the registered Canadian charities of your choice. In 2017, Abundance Canada clients used our services to distribute more than $19.72 million to 1,133 charities.

Abundance Canada accepts Interac e-Transfers. Click here for more information.

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Gifting Account Planning Benefits:

  • Provides flexibility and stability for you when you have a fluctuating income.
  • Charitable receipts are issued in the year a gift is given, even if distributed over a period of time.
  • Maximize the tax benefit of a gift by timing the charitable receipt with the potential tax situation.
  • Your record keeping is simplified by reducing the number of receipts.
  • Your distribution to charity may be made anonymously.

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