Charity Services


Does your church or charitable institution have a vision for ministry that exceeds your current capacity to deliver? Abundance Canada is here to help you narrow the gap between vision and reality by providing a variety of services, expertise and resources for your church or charitable institution. We offer fund management and facilitation of gifts of securities.

We will partner with you as a church or charity to provide a comprehensive gift planning program and charitable asset administration to help you achieve your ministry goals.

Fund Management

Abundance Canada administers more than $165 million of assets on behalf of conferences, churches, charities, and individuals. We provide a broad range of investment options. Abundance Canada does socially responsible investing.


Gifts in a Will

Abundance Canada helps your charity effectively incorporate legacy gifts into your budget or capital spending. Our staff are also available to help charities develop bequest policies.


Endowment accounts

Abundance Canada will hold an endowment for your charity and provide asset administration and socially responsible investing. Our services provide the flexibility you need to achieve your organization’s goals.

Securities and Property

Abundance Canada offers your church or charity the services needed so that you can eliminate the need for them to open a brokerage account and handle the paperwork associated with share transfers.

Our staff has considerable experience in these transfers and work to ensure that both you, as a charity, and the donors get maximum benefit from a gift. We process donations of stocks and mutual funds for individuals who want to make an in-kind gift.

Securities and Property

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