The Many Ways You Can Give

When you think of giving, what comes to mind? Writing a cheque to your favourite charity? Or buying an apple from the boy scouts? There are various ways you can give. Here are a few:

Giving from Your Income

Giving as you earn your income is a way of declaring God first in your finances and encourages an ongoing lifestyle of gratitude and generosity. Donate once to a cause you’re passionate about or set up monthly donations to help your favourite charity. A Gift Account with Abundance Canada makes your giving easy. You are totally in control. All you need to do is advise us when and where to send your charitable donation, and you receive a charitable receipt from Abundance Canada.

Giving Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds

If you have shares of publicly traded securities that have grown in value, did you know that you can gift them? With no capital gains on appreciated securities that are donated, your generosity will help the causes you care about. You can give the appreciated shares directly to the charity instead of liquidating them. Ask us how it works.

Giving from Your Estate (A Gift in Your Will)

After providing for your family, making a gift to charity through your estate is an excellent way of extending your legacy. It is a way of saying a final thank you to God for a lifetime of provision; it is also a reminder to your family that generosity is an integral part of life as well as death.

Find out how to be more generous and help the charities you care about! Contact us today at 1.800.772.3257 for a free consultation.

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