I Love Chestnut Trees


My wife and I planted a chestnut tree last month—a ‘McNair Horsechestnut’ to be precise. Right now, it is 8 feet high. There is a chestnut tree in downtown St. Catharines near the old United Church. I don’t know how old it is but it stands 40-50 feet high. It is huge; beautiful.

I want my tree to look like that. I want it to look like that, now! Sadly, it will be a few decades before that happens. I might never see it get that big. But I certainly plan to enjoy it in the meantime.

A Bigger Plan

My little tree is part of a bigger plan to build a small ‘house’ in the backyard this summer, with a deck and some planters. The chestnut tree is the focal point and will provide shade—eventually. My little tree has a way to go before it will fulfill my expectations, but already it has brought some much-needed life to a backyard that has looked a little bare since last fall.

Yes, little tree, I have big plans for you, but I am going to enjoy you now. I don’t plan to wait. I will enjoy watching you grow, I will be quite happy when your roots are secure enough that I no longer need to water you, I will enjoy your blossoms each spring, and I am very curious if you will provide chestnuts this fall.

Seeds of Generosity

We, at Abundance Canada, have sometimes talked about our stewardship work as being in the acorn (chestnut?) business. That is, the seeds of generosity we plant now might take some time to become a tree—others will enjoy it and sit under its branches. Sometimes gifts take a long time to be realized. Gift in a will, for example, can take decades before a charity benefits from one’s good intentions.

But what about now? Do we really need to wait?

Sure, later in life, gifts might be much larger, just like my chestnut tree will be, but that hardly excuses one from doing something now. Why wait? Plant it now. Do it now.

Generosity is Profound Work

Abundance Canada is in the business of helping people see both future potential, but also the benefit of a gift made today, no matter the size or amount. Generosity is not a case of either/or. It is both/and.

Plant a tree. Help others plant a tree. Do it today! It might be little but that hardly means it can’t be of benefit right now.

Contributed by Darren Pries-Klassen

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