Generosity Stories

16MFC8210_300x250_Hockey A Lesson on Sharing

A father often took his five-year-old son to their local, minor league hockey games. Each time they went, they saw the same homeless man in the parking lot asking for a handout. The first time, the son asked his dad why the man was asking for money.

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16MFC8210_300x250_Hockey Sometimes You Need to Receive

I answered a knock on the door and was immediately bear-hugged by a smiling man who kept saying, “Thank you, thank you.” Eventually, he let go of me and pulled a $5 bill from his wallet, the same wallet I had found earlier. He placed the bill in my hands with the same force he used to hug me.

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16MFC8210_300x250_Hockey Undue Influence

Maggie was clearly upset and had been unable to sleep. She had finally gotten around to finalizing her will, but was very unhappy with the results. Over the past year, someone had befriended her at a church function and gradually earned her trust. Over time, this new friend pressured Maggie into naming her (the new friend) the executor and sole beneficiary of Maggie’s estate.

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